Make First Impressions Last

Let’s role play for a minute…

Imagine yourself as a first time home buyer (which some of you very well may be!). What types of things are you going to be looking for when you pull up to what you hope to be your dream house that’s for sale? Now there are many different answers that could be given and a lot of it is obviously personal preference, but what we can all agree on is that you want the home to be in as good of condition as possible as soon as you pull up!

What Will They See First?

So the exterior of the house is obviously going to be the first thing that your potential buyer sees (unless it’s a blind auction, but that’s a whole other subject). Keeping that in mind, you want to make sure that the first impression that you make is a good one and one that is going to stick in their heads as they continue on looking at other homes for sale.

paintingThis is why we can’t stress the importance of hiring professional contractors and companies enough.

Continuing our theme from earlier and giving an applicable example, hiring professional roofing companies (like the one seen here) can potentially add thousands of dollars to your homes value. We recently hired a sewer line replacement for our apartment and the estimated home value that we saved is in the 6 figures.

If it is painfully obvious that the husband of the house strapped on his tool belt and did “the best he could” on any parts of the house (especially the roof!), any serious buyer will almost certainly be turned away to better kept homes.

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