Think Commercial Properties

So with our last post we talked a little bit about making first impressions lasting ones because if you don’t make a good first impression with either your guests, potential buyers, or anyone else who is seeing your house then this could be a final deal breaker at the end of the day. This is something we obviously would like to avoid at all costs and we can help put this into a little bit more perspective by role playing for a second time.

Think About Your Last Vacation or Hotel Stay

See if this sounds like a familiar scenario for anyone else out there:

You book a vacation and take the time to do your proper research when looking for the perfect hotel or vacation home to stay in. You looked online for days and finally found the perfect spot for you and your family and you couldn’t be more excited.

chicagohotelThen the day finally comes when you get to the hotel only to find that it looks nothing like the pictures you saw online and it is obvious that they were taken years ago. Now your vacation is started off on a horrible foot and the mood is just ruined. First impressions really do make all of the difference and some basic upkeep and maintenance can go a very long way for guests. Now even though we here at Chicago Homes Market specialize in the residential real estate market, some of our staff have experience working with commercial real estate properties as well and they may seem very different but in fact, they are very similar in many aspects.

Many of our agents cannot stress enough the importance of standard maintenance from professional contracting teams even though they may not always seem necessary or that important. We have referred many of these teams to clients, among which are these commercial roofers who have helped a number of our agents completely transform properties and really make the difference in an easy sell. There are many places you can look for additional information on whether you should fix or replace certain things on your home or building and they can be the difference you needed to make your home stand out!

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